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The Modern Apartment Building
Packaged and shipped in a modular kit form. Additional individual modules may also be purchased for an even larger building complex. 
Item: Apartment
The Modern Apartment Building

This is my favourite house by far.

Each model is custom built and handcrafted by a local SA Artisan, preassembled, then dismantled and packed as a modular kit, ready to be sent to your front door. This makes it so easy to assemble and ensures no parts are missing. It is sent in 2 packages, each approximately 20kg. You can choose to purchase the windows with the kit, or you can make them by yourself.

The Apartment Building is 5 stories high but is built in 2 modules, which makes it easier to move, wire, and decorate, and even allows for the addition of extra modules if you'd like a really high apartment complex.
Inside are 2 cleverly designed apartments, both split level and each with a balcony. The ground floor consists of a shop front and a stair well.

The 1st apartment is the smaller of the 2, with the upper level having a large master bedroom with balcony and adjoining room that can be decorated as either an ensuite or WIR, and a spare room. Downstairs is devoted to a large kitchen and separate living room. Apartment 2 has a different layout with 4 rooms on the upper level. This apartment also has a large kitchen and separate living room on the lower level.

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Was $400, now $200
Item: CB
Price: $200.00
The very cute Classic Bungalow by Real Good Toys.
Comes in kit form but is easy to assemble and paint.
Comes with everything you need to complete as seen in photo.
Very versatile as front porch can be assembled in many different ways.
The interior is also very versatile as comes with 3 room dividers which can be placed where you desire, resulting in either 2 very large rooms up to 5 rooms.
Open Back.
34 3/8"W x 22 3/4"D x 26 1/4"H.
Massive 50% OFF!!
Was $400, now $200
Item: CR
Price: $200.00
The Contemporary Ranch by Real Good Toys
Includes 4 rooms plus loft and portico.
Front and side opening access, plus open back access.
Also includes shingles, spiral stairs, windows and exterior door finishes.
Comes in kit form but is easy to assemble and paint, I finished mine in a weekend.
31"W x 23"D x 17 1/2"H.